Raag  Kedar  is a Hindustani classical raag.This raag is placed on a high pedestal in the realms of Indian classical music.In this raag both Tivr  and shudh’Ma’ are used.Tivr ‘Ma’ is generally used in Aarohan.Still, sometimes in Avrohan Tivr ‘Ma’ and shudh ‘Ma’both are sung one after the other to increase the beauty of raag.Sometimes “Dh”is used with komal ‘Ni’ for eg; DhNiDhPa in Avrohan..’Ga’sur is generally hidden by ‘Ma’ in this raag.’Re’ and ‘Ga’ sur are not used in Aarohan,all other sur are Shudh.

Time of singing-First Prahar  of Night.
Jati-Shadav –Sampoorna.
Aarohan– Sa Ma Ma Pa,Pa Dh Pa Pa Sa’.
Avrohan-Sa’ Dh Pa Tivr Ma Pa Dh Pa Ma Re Sa .
Pakad-Sa Ma Ma Pa  Dh Pa Ma Re Sa’.

Sa Re Sa, Ma Re Sa, Sa “Dh “Pa,”P, Sa Re  Sa.
Sa Re Sa, Sa Ma ,Ma Re Sa,Sa Ma,Ma Pa,Dh Pa Ma,Re Sa
Sa Ma Ma Pa,Tivr Ma Pa Dh Ni Dh Pa,Tivr Ma Pa Dh Pa Ma,Pa Sa’,Re’Sa’, Ni Dh Pa,Dh Pa Ma,Re Sa.

Popular Songs Based on Kedar Raag

1. Aap Ki Ankhon Men Kucch Mahake Hue Se Raaz Hai (Hindi) 
     Film Ghar.
     Singer Kishore KumarLata Mangeshkar.
     Music Director:– R.D. Burman
     Taal: Kehrwa.

2.Bekas Pe Karam Kijie (Hindi)
    Film:Mughal-e-Azam .
    Singer: Lata Mangeshkar.
    Music Director: Naushad.
    Taal Dadra

3.Ham Ko Man Ki Shakti Dena (Hindi)
    SingerVani Jayaraman.
    Music DirectorVasant Desai.
    Taal: Dadra.

4.Pal Do Pal Ka Saath Hamara(Hindi)
    Film:The Burning Train.
    SingerAsha BhosleMohd. Rafi.
    Music Director R.D. Burman.
    Taal: Kehrwa.



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