Raag Khamaj is one of the ten thaats of Hindustani Music.It is also a specific raag with Khamaj that.Many ghazals and thumris  are based on Khamaj.It utilizes the shudh form of ‘Ni’in the Aarohan and the komal form of ‘Ni’in Avrohan creating a key asymmetry in compositional and improvisational performance.The Carnatic music equivalent of Khamaj that is Harikambhoji,the 28th Melakarta raag.’Re’is not used.Vadi sur is ‘Ga’and Samwadi sur is ‘Ni’.

That– Khamaj.

Time of singing-Second Prahar of Night.
Aarohan-Sa Ga Ma Pa Dh Ni Sa’.
Avrohan-Sa’NiDh Pa Ma Ga Re Sa.
Pakad-Ga Ma Pa Ni Dh Ma Pa Dh Ma Ga

Komal Sur-Ni.

“Ni Sa Ga Ma Pa Ga Ma Ga Re Sa.

Ga Ma Pa Dh Ni Dh Pa Ga Ma Ga Ma Dh Pa Ni Dh Pa Ga Ma Ga Re Sa

Ga Ma Pa Dh Ni Sa’ NiDh Pa Sa’ Re’ Sa’ Ni Dh Ga Ma  Pa Ni Dh Pa Ga Ma Ga  Ma Ga Re Sa.

Popular Songs Based on Khamaj  Raag.

1. Aayo Kahan Se Ghanshyam(Hindi)
    Film:Buddha Mil Gaya.
    Singer:Manna Dey.
    Music Director:RD Burman.

    Taal:Punjabi Theka(Sitarkhani).

2.Bada Natkhat Hai Re(Hindi)
    Film:Amar Prem .
    Singer: Lata Mangeshkar.
    Music Director:RD Burman.

3.Nazar Lagi Raja Tore Bangle Par(Hindi)

     Film:Kaala Pani .
    Singer: Asha Bhosle.
    Music Director:SD Burman.

4.Mere to Girdhar Gopal(Hindi)

     Film:Meera .
    Singer:Vani Jairam,Dinkar Kamanna.
    Music Director:Ravi Shanker.



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