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Taan ie Tanav(spreading) means singing a  raag in different forms speedily.Taan can be of different forms according to its behaviour ie Saral Taan,Koot Taan,Misr Taan,Khatke ki Taan etc. Advertisements

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Shruti-Sur Breakup(vibhajan)

According to Shruti-Sur Music history has 3 breakups. 1.Ancient Era( Kalkhand)-from start to 13th century. 2.Madhya Era(Kalkhand)-After ancient till 18th century. 3.Morden Era(Kalkhand)-Music of till date.

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The sound(dhwani)which can be heard by us is known as shruti.But its not necessary that all sound heard are musical.So in music only the shruti which is musical is used.In a Saptak (ie Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Dh Ni)their … Continue reading

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