Raag Bahar

Raag Bahar  is a beautiful raag that brings out nature’s beautiful blessings.This is basically a raag of spring.This raag belongs to Kafi Thaat, so Ga and Ni are Komal Swar in this.Ni is used Shudh as well as Komal.In Aarohan Re and Pa are excluded and in Avrohan Dh is not used.Ma Sur is the prominent sur of this raag .Most of the songs of this raag are based on Spring Season ie basant ritu.

Aarohan- Ni Sa Ga(komal)Ma,Pa Ga Ma Dh Ni’Sa’.

Avrohan-Sa’, Ni'(komal)Pa,Ma Pa,Ga(komal)Ma,Re Sa.

Pakad-Sa Ma,Pa Ga(komal)Ma,Ni(komal),Ni’Sa’.




Bandish-Phoolva re kanth mehka basant,gehua mol de re.



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