Raag Shankara.

Raag Shankara is a Veer-Rasa(Rudra Roop for Tandav of Lord Shankara).This is the best expression for this raag.It is developed from Bilawal That.All Swars used in the raag are Shudh.It is Uttarang Pradhan (surs of upper region of octave are used)raag.Dhaivat is Vakr ie not straight forward in this raag.It is used as ‘Pa Ni Dh Sa Ni’.Bold pronunciation of notes are characteristics of this raag.Re is not used and Dh is Vakr in Aarohan.Ma is not used in Avrohan.This makes the raag as Audav-Shadav in nature.

Aarohan-Sa Ga Pa Ni Dh Sa’.

Avrohan-Sa Ni Pa Ga Pa Ga Re Sa.

Pakad-Sa Ni Pa Ga Pa,Re Ga Re Sa.

Time-2nd Phase of night.

Vadi Sur-Ga.

Samvadi Sur-Ni.



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