Raag Des (Desh)

Raag Desh (Des) is a night time romantic Raaga.It comes from Khamaj That.Both Ni ie komal n normal are used.The use of all seven notes and both Nishads forces it to impinge on number of other raags such as Khamaj,Tilak Kamod and Sorat.There is strong tendency to perform Desh in lighter styles like Dadra or Thumri.Re is a very prominent,quite a few times a singer rests on Re,making it a center to the melody.The Meend(ie curve) from Ma to Re via Ga is one of the most vital features of the raag.Desh has been used in patriotic compositions Vande Mataram,the national song of India is well known.

Aarohan-Sa Re Ma Pa Ni Sa’.

Avrohan-Sa’ Ni(komal)Dh Pa ,Ma Ga Re Ga Sa.

Pakad-Re Ma Pa,Ni(komal)Dh Pa,Dh Ma Ga Re,Ga Ni(lower octave) Sa.






Time-2nd Phase of night.


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