Raag Durga.

Raag Durga is a very popular evening raag.The name Durga is derived from the name of goddess Amba or Parvati (wife of lord Shiva).The origin of raag Durga is obscure.It has been suggested that this raag is derived from the south Indian Shudha Saveri.The close relationship that Durga has to other pentatonic raags (eg. Malkauns,Bhoop),coupled with the almost world-wide presence of these scales,certainly means that it is a possibility.If you take Durga and start the scale from Ma you get Bhoop.Futhermore , if you take Durga and start the scale from Dh you get Malkauns.There are some common phrases and a pakad which makes Durga’s character from identifiable.All Shudh Swars are used in the raag.Gandhar and Nishad are not used.

Aarohan-Sa Re Ma Pa Dh Sa’.

Avrohan-Sa’ Dh Pa Ma Re Sa.

Pakad-Sa Re Ma,Re Pa,Ma Dh,Re Sa.



Time-2nd Phase of Night.

Bandish-Sakhi Mori Room Jhoom,Badal Garje Barse.



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