Raag Patdeep

Raag Patdeep is a modern raag.It is very similar to Raag Bhimpalasi.Only difference between Raag Patdeep and Bhimpalasi is the use of Shudh Nishad.This raag doesnot come in the famous 10 Thats.But just because Raag Dhanashri and Bhimpalasi are similar to this raag ,it apparently belongs to Kafi That.Dh is sometimes taken in Aarohan like Pa Ni Dh Ni Sa’….

Aarohan-Ni(lower octave) Sa Ga(komal)Ma Pa Ni Sa’.

Avrohan-Sa’Ni Dh Pa Ma Ga(komal) Re Sa.

Pakad-Ga(komal) Ma pa Ni Dh Sa’Ni Dh Pa.


Vadi-Ma (some take Pa ).


Time -4th Phase of Day.


Bandish-Main tore sang na jaun,Peehrawa gheet langarwa…


About Aditi Jha

Music lover who wants to share love for music
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