Raag Bhairavi.

Raag Bhairavi is the main representative of Bhairavi That.It has traditionally been performed in morning.But nowadays it is performed at any time provided it is the concluding piece.There are two approaches of singing it,Shudh Bhairavi and Sindhu Bhairavi.In Sindhu Bhiravi all the swars both komal and Tivr are used.All the Surs are used it making it a Sampoorna Raag.

Aarohan-Sa Re(komal)Ga(komal)Ma Pa Dh (komal)Ni(komal)Sa’.

Avrohan-Sa’Ni(komal)Dh(komal)Pa Ma Ga(komal)Re(komal)Sa.

Pakad-Sa Re(komal) Sa,Dh(lower komal)Ni(lower komal)Sa,Ma Ga(komal)Pa Ma Ga(komal)Re(komal)Sa.

Komal-Re Ga Dh Ni.



Time-morning,but nowadays anytime.



About Aditi Jha

Music lover who wants to share love for music
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