Raag Jaunpuri

Raag Jaunpuri belongs to Asavari That.Some experts,consider it indistinguishable from the Shudh Rishabh Asavari.Its attractive swars also make it popular raaga in carnatic circles.This is a Uttarang Pradhan Raag and can be expanded in Madhya and Tar Saptaks.The atmosphere created by this raag is full of Bhakti and Shringar Ras.Dh Ma Pa Ga Re Sa these notes are rendered in Meend and Gandhar and Dhaivat are oscillated ,which increases the beauty of this raag.Gandhar is not taken in Aarohan  and Avrohan is Sampoorna .

Aarohan-Sa Re Ma,Pa Dh(komal) Ni(komal)Sa’.

Avrohan-Sa’ Ni Dh(komal)Dh(komal)Pa,Ma Pa,Ga(komal),Re Sa.

Pakad-Sa Re Ma Pa,{Ni(komal)Dh (komal)Pa}Meend Swars,Ma Pa,Ga(komal),Re Sa.


Time-2nd Prahar of Day.



Bandish-Piya Mora Gayele Pardes.

Komal-Ga Dh Ni .


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