Sections of song.

In old times a song had four sections,but nowadays apart from Dhrupad singing a song has two sections Sthayi and Antara.

Four Sections of song are:-

  1. Sthayi-First part of song is Sthayi .Basically the start of song is sung in Mandra Saptak(lower octave) and Madhya Saptak.
  2. Antara-The part that comes after Sthayi is Antara.It starts from Madhya Saptak and ends in Taar Saptak(higher octave).Some people think Sthayi as question and Antara as answer.
  3. Sanchari-The third part of a song is Sanchari.It starts from the middle of Madhya Saptak and moves around Mandra and Madhya Saptak.
  4. Abhog-The fourth part of a song is Abhog.It i very similar to Antara.It is a summary of first three parts and moves around Madhya and Taar Saptak.

About Aditi Jha

Music lover who wants to share love for music
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