Poorv Raag

In hindustani classical music,there is definate time to sing a particular raag.Raagas sung between afternoon 12 to midnight 12 are known as Poorv raag or Poorvaag Vadi raag.Same with raagas sung between midnight 12 to afternoon 12 are known as Uttar Raag or Uttrang Vadi raag.In our Saptak Poorvag means Swars from Sa to Pa.while Uttrang means swars from Pa to Sa(higher octave).In a Poorvaag raag,the Vadi Sur is in Poorvaag of Saptak ie in between Sa to Pa.In  Uttrang the Vadi sur is in Uttrang of Saptak ie Ma to Sa(higher octave).Madhyam and Pancham or both Swars are found in both Poorv Raag as well as Uttar Raag.


About Aditi Jha

Music lover who wants to share love for music
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