Puriya Dhanashree.

Raag Puriya Dhanashree comes from” Poorvi ” Thaat.It is an evening Sandhi Prakash ARaag.Re and Dh are komal  and Ma is Teevr in this raag.Poorvi raag uses both Teevr and Shudh Ma while Puriya Dhanashree only uses Teevr Ma.It contains all seven notes so belongs to Sampoorna Jati.The time of singing this raag is at dusk.It is generally sung from afternoon to evening.Aalap and Taana generally starts from Ni.

Aarohan-Ni(mandra)Re(komal)Ga Ma(teevr)Pa Dh(komal)Pa Ni(komal)Sa’.

Avrohan-Re(Taar)Ni Dh(komal)Pa Ma(teevr)Ga Ma(teevr)Re Ga Re(komal)Sa.

Pakad-Ni(mandra) Re(komal)Ga Pa Ma(teevr)Ga Ma(teevr)Re(komal)Ga Re(komal)Sa.

Time of singing-Fourth phase of day.

Film Based Songs:

1).Hai Rama Yeh Kya Hua




Music Director-A.R.Rahman.

Singers-Hariharan &Swarnalatha.

2).Rut Aa gayi re Rut Cha gayi Re.

Film-1947  Earth.



Music Director-A.R.Rehman.

Singer-Sukhwinder Singh.

3).Tori Jai Jai Karatara.

Film-Baijju Bawra.


Music Director-Naushad.

Singer-Amir Khan.


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