Timeless Classics – Bhairavi Se Yaman – With Maestros Shankar – Jaikishan A Musical Journey.Sep 24th 2016.


ARTISTS :Pranita Dasgupta Deshpande, Nileema Gokhaley, Ashish Srivastav, Govind Mishra, Pravin Shringarpure, Dipti Bhagwat
Presenting the everlasting, immortal melodies based on hindustani classical raagas,, having lilt and sonority, composed by the emperors of music, the maestro duo Shankar-Jaikishan, who worked together from 1949 to 1971. S-J’s unique style of composing songs with a ‘prelude-mukhada- interlude-stanza-epilogue’ along with multi-layered music studded with counter melodies played by the orchestra with which the song ended after the singers finished their singing is still so mesmerizing. S-J were in love with Raags – Bhairavi, Yaman and many more. Swar Naad will bring forth many of their compositions (from films Chori Chori, Barsaat, Anadi, Love Marriage, Arzoo, Sangam, to name a few) based on the raags composed by this legendary duo.



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