Raag Malkauns.

Raag Malkauns is a very popular Hindustani classical Raaga.In South it is known as Hindolam.The raag has a strong public appeal.Rishabh and Pancham swars are Varjit ie not included in this raag and thus make it a pentatonic raag.Ga ,Dh,Ni are komal Malkauns has a long history and had numerous changes with period of time.It comes from Bhairavi That.

Aaroh-Sa  Ga(komal)  Ma Dh(komal) Ni(komal Sa’.

Avroh-Sa’ Ni(komal) Dh(komal) Ma  Ga(komal) Sa.

Time-Third Phase of Night.




Pakad-Ni(lower octave) Sa Ga(komal) Ma Ga(komal) Sa,Ni(lower octave) Sa Dh(komal)Ni(komal) Dh(komal) Ma ,Dh(komal)Ni(komal) Sa’.

Film songs on Raag Malkauns:-

1).Aadha hai chandrama raat aadhi.



Singers-Mahendra Kapoor,Asha Bhosle.

Please click on the black bar below to play the music:


2).Man Tadpat Hari Darshan ko aaj.


Film-Baiju Bawara.




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