Shudh Kalyan.

Shudh Kalyan raag is derived from Kalyan Thaat.According to Bhatkande school of classical music Ma and Ni are not taken in Aaroh but Avroh is Sampoorna (all swars taken) with Ma Teevr.But many school of music,don’t include Ma and Ni Avrohan also.They sing Teevr Ma in a Meend between Pa and Ga.Vadi Swar is Gandhar (Ga) and Samvadi Swar is Dhaiwat(Dh).Raag  Bhoop is very similar to this raag.Only difference being Pancham is given more importance than Dhaiwat and Nyaas swar is on Pancham.Phrase “Ga Pa Re Sa ” is sung again making it different from Bhoop clearly.

Aaroh-Sa Re Ga Pa Dh Sa’.

Avroh-Sa’Dh Pa Ga Pa Re Sa.

Pakad-Sa Re Ga Re Pa Ga Pa Re Sa.

Time-1st Phase of Night.

Vadi -Ga.


Bandish- Saajan Aaye More Mandirwa.

Film Songs on Raag Shudh Kalyan-

1).Chand Phir Nikala .


Music Director-S.D.Burman.

Singer-Lata Mangeshkar.


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