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Praveshika Pratham.

Total Marks:75. Pass Marks:26. Practical:60,Theory:15.No written Exam. Raagas:Yaman,Kafi,Khamaaj,Bhimpalasi,Baageshri,Bhoop,Des,Durga. Students should well versed with Aarohan/Avrohan,Pakad,Prarambhik Aalap/Swar elaboration of all Raagas. One bandish of each raag should be known, One bandish with Aalap,Swar vistaar,Taan of any 6 raagas. One bandish/swar vistaar in … Continue reading

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Sections of song.

In old times a song had four sections,but nowadays apart from Dhrupad singing a song has two sections Sthayi and Antara. Four Sections of song are:- Sthayi-First part of song is Sthayi .Basically the start of song is sung in … Continue reading

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Dhrupad is a Veer Ras form of singing.It is the oldest form of singing still in practice.King of Gwalior Raja Maan Singh Tomar,is believed to have made it popular.In the court of King Akbar,Dhrupad form of singing was prominent.Poetry plays … Continue reading

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