Indian Muic Workshop on 23rd October.


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Jai Jaivanti

Raag Jai Jaivanti comes from Khamaaj That.It is a Vakr Sampoorna Raag.This raag has Two Gandhar  and Two Nishad.In Aarohan the Ga and Ni  used are Shudh while in Avroh it is Komal.In Avroh phrase ‘ Re Ga(komal)Re Sa.This is the most important phrase which makes it different from other raagas.This raag is a mixture of Khamaaj and Des.Vadi swar is Rishabh and Samvadi swar is Pancham.This raag is sung from Sorath Ang.

Aaroh-Sa Ni(lower octave) Sa Dh(lower octave)Ni(komal n lower octave),Re Ga(komal)Re Sa,Ga Ma -Pa,Ni Sa’.

Avroh-Sa Ni(komal) Dh Pa,Dh Ga Ma,Re Ga(komal)Re Sa.

Pakad-Re Ga(komal) Re Sa,Ni(lower octave) Sa Dh(lower octave)Ni(lower octave n komal)Re.

Time of singing-Last Phase of Night.



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Shudh Kalyan.

Shudh Kalyan raag is derived from Kalyan Thaat.According to Bhatkande school of classical music Ma and Ni are not taken in Aaroh but Avroh is Sampoorna (all swars taken) with Ma Teevr.But many school of music,don’t include Ma and Ni Avrohan also.They sing Teevr Ma in a Meend between Pa and Ga.Vadi Swar is Gandhar (Ga) and Samvadi Swar is Dhaiwat(Dh).Raag  Bhoop is very similar to this raag.Only difference being Pancham is given more importance than Dhaiwat and Nyaas swar is on Pancham.Phrase “Ga Pa Re Sa ” is sung again making it different from Bhoop clearly.

Aaroh-Sa Re Ga Pa Dh Sa’.

Avroh-Sa’Dh Pa Ga Pa Re Sa.

Pakad-Sa Re Ga Re Pa Ga Pa Re Sa.

Time-1st Phase of Night.

Vadi -Ga.


Bandish- Saajan Aaye More Mandirwa.

Film Songs on Raag Shudh Kalyan-

1).Chand Phir Nikala .


Music Director-S.D.Burman.

Singer-Lata Mangeshkar.

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Raag Malkauns.

Raag Malkauns is a very popular Hindustani classical Raaga.In South it is known as Hindolam.The raag has a strong public appeal.Rishabh and Pancham swars are Varjit ie not included in this raag and thus make it a pentatonic raag.Ga ,Dh,Ni are komal Malkauns has a long history and had numerous changes with period of time.It comes from Bhairavi That.

Aaroh-Sa  Ga(komal)  Ma Dh(komal) Ni(komal Sa’.

Avroh-Sa’ Ni(komal) Dh(komal) Ma  Ga(komal) Sa.

Time-Third Phase of Night.




Pakad-Ni(lower octave) Sa Ga(komal) Ma Ga(komal) Sa,Ni(lower octave) Sa Dh(komal)Ni(komal) Dh(komal) Ma ,Dh(komal)Ni(komal) Sa’.

Film songs on Raag Malkauns:-

1).Aadha hai chandrama raat aadhi.



Singers-Mahendra Kapoor,Asha Bhosle.

Please click on the black bar below to play the music:


2).Man Tadpat Hari Darshan ko aaj.


Film-Baiju Bawara.



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Malhar  is an old indian classical raaga.It is also known as” Miya Malhar”since it was a wonderful creation by Sangeet Maestro Miya Tansen.Malhar is associated with the atmosphere of torrential rains,thunder of clouds.The use of Shudh Nishad in Mandra Saptak makes the raaga sweet and melodious.Beside the basic shudh Malhar there are several Malhar-related raags ie Ramdasi Malhar,Gaud Malhar,Sur Malhar,Des Malhar,Nat Malhar and Meera ki Malhar.According to legends,Raag Malhar is so powerful that when sung it induces rainfall.

Aarohan-Sa Re Ma Pa Dh Ni Sa’.

Avrohan-Sa’Ni Dh Pa Ma Ga Re Sa.

Pakad-Ni(mandra)Sa ,Ni (mandra)Dh (Mandra)Ni (mandra) Ma(mandra) Pa(mandra),Re Ni (mandra)Dh (mandra) Sa,Re Re Sa,Re Dh Ni Pa,Ni Dh Ni Sa’.


Time-Rainy season or 2nd phase of night.

Vadi -Pancham(Pa).


Movie related songs for Raag Malhar.


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Bela Meheka – Songs of Lata Mangeshkar by Bela Sulakhe.Aug 28th 2016.

Playback singer Bela Sulakhe gives a tribute to the Living Legend Lata Mangeshkar ji.
Lata Mangeshkar has been the face of Indian Film Music for more than 4 decades. This Great living
Legend is considered as Maa Saraswati in the world of Indian Music.
Playback singer Bela Sulakhe, who has sung many Bollowood songs as well as many T series Cover versions, has been a big big fan of Lata Mangeshkar. She considers Lata ji as her greatest Guru.
On this Day Bela Sulakhe will sing songs of Lata Mangeshkar. Songs of all genres from Romantic to Ghazals, from slow soulful numbers to Philosophical songs, From fast numbers to Quawalli songs composed by Shankar Jaikishen, Naushad, Madan Mohan, Roshan, S D Burman, R D Burman, L P.
The Team will comprise of Talented Musicians and co-singers.
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Timeless Classics – Bhairavi Se Yaman – With Maestros Shankar – Jaikishan A Musical Journey.Sep 24th 2016.


ARTISTS :Pranita Dasgupta Deshpande, Nileema Gokhaley, Ashish Srivastav, Govind Mishra, Pravin Shringarpure, Dipti Bhagwat
Presenting the everlasting, immortal melodies based on hindustani classical raagas,, having lilt and sonority, composed by the emperors of music, the maestro duo Shankar-Jaikishan, who worked together from 1949 to 1971. S-J’s unique style of composing songs with a ‘prelude-mukhada- interlude-stanza-epilogue’ along with multi-layered music studded with counter melodies played by the orchestra with which the song ended after the singers finished their singing is still so mesmerizing. S-J were in love with Raags – Bhairavi, Yaman and many more. Swar Naad will bring forth many of their compositions (from films Chori Chori, Barsaat, Anadi, Love Marriage, Arzoo, Sangam, to name a few) based on the raags composed by this legendary duo.


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